Privacy Policy

SNK Game Studio and their partners (SNK IT Solutions, Sweet Games LLC, Splendid Games, Baby Hub) always keeps user's privacy on top of all the priorities. Its our duty not to take any private information from user without informing users and never disclose to the others.

We always keep in mind following things very seriously.

We do not collect any information from our users without their permission.

We do not use any third party tools to collect user informations.

We do not directly collect and store any user information on our servers from our Games / Apps. Some information may be collected through and maintained by our third party providers of certain products or services, such as advertising networks, web analytics services, etc. You, as the legal guardian of a Kid, can find a full list of the Third Parties at: ("Third Parties)"). If you have any queries regarding Third Parties privacy practices and policies, feel free to Contact us

We do not share any device information like device id, user location etc.

In some of our apps we do take user's device id for notifications but never sells them.

Our free apps may contain Advertisements and In-App Purchase.

Some of our apps contains sharing features.

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